Estate Profile

The estate has a healthy mix of both owner occupied and tenanted units. Some of the larger companies such as Mita UK, Thames Valley Lifts and Deeline Kitchens have all invested heavily in developing a strategic base for their operations.

The smaller tenanted units are owned and managed by Severn Industrial Estates Ltd. and are suitable for a diverse range of businesses, these include manufacturing such as food, service based wholesale distribution and the new generation of business such as training and customer support.

The units are divided up into three areas, one with 1500sq ft starter units, one with higher specification 3000sq ft units and finally one with the largest 4500sq ft units. The units are all constructed in the form of terraces therefore enabling them to combine to provide more space.

All units and landscaped areas are maintained to a very high standard and are constantly being upgraded to retain the ‘Ready for Business’ status.